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Octopus REST API

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Architecturally, Octopus Deploy is built API-first. This means that Octopus is built in layers - all data and operations are available over its REST API. The Octopus Web Portal (the main Octopus UI) is actually built on top of this API. In the Octopus Web Portal, we don't use any shortcuts - 100% of the data and operations that you can see and perform in the Octopus UI can be performed over the REST API.

The Octopus REST API is designed:

  1. To be friendly and easy to figure out
  2. To be hypermedia driven, using links and the occasional URI template (read more)
  3. To be comprehensive - 100% of the actions that you perform via the Octopus UI can be performed via the API
  4. To have a nice client library for .NET available via NuGet

Using C#?
If you plan to use the REST API from C# or another .NET project, see the Octopus.Client assembly.

Documentation and samples

Documentation and samples for the Octopus Deploy REST API are available on the Octopus REST API GitHub site.