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Node on *Nix deployments

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As Octopus Deploy expands its capabilities beyond the standard Microsoft world, its easier than ever to deploy non .Net projects to non Windows platforms. From Octopus 3.3 onwards you are able to package up your projects using other formats in addition to the current NuGet style.

In this guide we will go through the process of packaging up a Node.js project into a tarball and deploying to a Linux based target over a SSH connection. Any part of this guide can be attempted on its own in conjunction with other project or target types, however this aims to provide an end-to-end example of one particular set up. Please note that these pages are not intended as an "ultimate guide to Linux" and are only an introductory guide to show how you can quickly get started today with a simple deployment scenario.

In This Section

The rest of this section covers these topics in some more detail, and explains how to implement them.