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NGINX Web Server deployments

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In our continuing journey to expand Octopus Deploys capabilities beyond the Microsoft world, it's now easier to configure NGINX as a web server on Linux based targets to proxy requests to your web application or serve static content from the file system.

In this guide we will go through:

  • Packaging up an ASP.NET Core Web API backend with a static HTML and JavaScript front-end
  • Deploying to a Linux based target over an SSH connection
  • Configuring an NGINX web server to serve traffic to both applications

Any part of this guide can be attempted on its own in conjunction with other projects or target types, however this aims to provide an end-to-end example of one particular set up. Please note that these pages are not intended as an "ultimate guide to Linux" and are only an introductory guide to show how you can quickly get started today with a simple deployment scenario.

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The following topics are explained further in this section: