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Octopus Deploy 3.0 is made possible thanks to the following great third-party products.

Package Authors and/or maintainers Find it at...
Ace Cloud9
Angular.js Google Inc.
angular-bootstrap Angular UI contributors
angular-bootstrap-switch Francesco Pontillo
angular-file-upload Alex (nervgh) and contributors
angular-ui Angular UI contributors
Autofac and integrations Autofac Contributors
autofill-directive Chesley Brown
Axialis Icons Axialis
Bootstrap Twitter Inc.
Bootstrap Date Range Picker Dan Grossman and contributors
Bootstrap Switch Mattia Larentis, Peter Stein, Emanuele Marchi
Bower Twitter Inc.
CsvHelper Josh Close
D3.js Mike Bostock and contributors
es5-shim Jordan Harand, Kris Kowall and contributors
FluentValidation Jeremy Skinner
Font Awesome Dave Gandy and contributors
grunt "Cowboy" Ben Alman
grunt-contrib Grunt Team
grunt-html2js Karl Goldstein
grunt-neuter Trek Glowacki
grunt-open Jarrod Overson
JetBrains TeamCity, ReSharper and WebStorm JetBrains
jQuery and jQuery UI jQuery Foundation and contributors
Json.NET James Newton-King
markItUp! Jay Salvat
Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio and .NET Microsoft
Moment.js Tim Wood
Nancy and integrations Andreas Håkansson, Steven Robbins and contributors
NDesk.Options Jonathan Pryor
ngmin and grunt-ngmin Brian Ford
ngstorage G. Kay Lee and contributors
NLog Kim Christensen
NuGet.Core Outercurve Foundation
NuGet.Lucene The Motley Fool
NSubstitute (and dependencies) David Tchepak and contributors
NUnit Charlie Poole
Raphaël Dmitry Baranovskiy
RSVP.js Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale, and contributors
Select2 Igor Vaynberg
semver.js Tom Preston-Werner
scriptcs scriptcs contributors
showdown.js John Fraser
SlickGrid Michael Leibman
spin.js Felix Gnass
Sprache Sprache Contributors
TestStack.BDDfy Mehdi Khalili, Michael Whelan
Underscore.js Jeremy Ashkenas, DocumentCloud and Investigative Reporters & Editors
URI.js Rodney Rehm
WiX Toolset WiX Toolset Contributors
SharpCompress Adam Hathcock and contributors

Each project listed here is the property of its respective copyright owner.

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